Project 1, Slip collar.

Well it’s January first and we’re starting off with our first project, a slip collar!  I’ve been thinking of making one for a while for one of our dogs so here it is.  It’s made from 9oz vegetan which I’ve chosen to leave it’s natural colour since I love the way it changes as it ages.  The collar is 3/4″ wide and uses two stirrup loops for the ends, I’ve opted to use a bleed knot at each end to hold it together rather than rivets as it’s a stronger (and more aesthetic) choice.

First:  Cutting the 3/4″ strap from 9oz vegetan


Second:  Putting the ends on and cutting to length

Next:  Bevel the edges

Next:  Punch the holes for the knots

Apply Carnuba Creme conditioner

Apply saddle soap to the edges and burnish

Put the loops on and weave the knots

Flip the collar and we’re done!

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      I’ve just added them to the shop! Feel free to take a look and if you’ve any questions we’re happy to answer!

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