Project 219, Reversible Belt

I’ve wanted to make a reversible belt for a while but it’s taken me ages to source a decent buckle.  These are pretty solid being nickle plated copper, not stainless or anything quite so nice but pretty much the world standard for belt buckles these days.

First I had to cut the two pieces, this belt is black and brown.



Once I had them cut I had to glue them together, then hit them with the roller to ensure they were properly stuck.  Doggy approval was also a necessity at this stage.


I had intentionally made the black strip wider than the brown (which was cut accurately to the final desired width) to make it easy to glue them.  This way I just had to trim off the excess black and hit it with a quick sand and bevel.

Once all the holes were punched I dyed and finished the edges then sewed it all together.  As you can see I used a white top thread and a black bottom thread so that the belt looks great from both sides.

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